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1.Surface treatment method for titanium or titanium alloy
Author(s): Mushiake, Moriyuki (Kyoto, JP) Asano, Kenichi (Kusatsu, JP) Miyamura, Noriyuki (Kyoto, JP) [02 JUL 2007]
2.Electroplating of titanium and titanium base alloys
Author(s): Turner, Wallace (Barnoldswick, GB) [02 JUL 2007]
3.Etching of Titanium
Author(s): Minford, William J. (Northampton County, PA, US) Murphy, Edmond J. (Bethlehem, PA, US) Rice, Trudie C. (Lehigh County, PA, US) [02 JUL 2007]
4.Lap Welding of Titanium Sheet and Mild Steel Sheet by Seam Welding
Author(s): NISHIO KAZUMASA (Kyushu Inst. Technol., JPN) KATO MITSUAKI (Kyushu Inst. Technol., JPN) YAMAGUCHI TOMIKO (Kyushu Inst. Technol., JPN) TOKUNAGA TATSUYA (Fukuoka Ind. Technol. Center) MATSUMOTO ATSUO (Kyushu Inst. Technol., JPN)  [11 JUN 2007]
5.Tantalum lined probe
Author(s): Quintana, Keith (Fairport, NY, US) [19 APR 2007]
6.Tantalum crucible fabrication and treatment
Author(s): Vodakov, Yury Alexandrovich (St. Petersburg, RU) Mokhov, Evgeny Nikolaevich (St Petersburg, RU) Ramm, Mark Grigorievich (Rego Park, NY, US) Roenkov, Alexandr Dmitrievich (St. Petersburg, RU) Makarov, Yury Nikolaevich (Richmond, VA, US) Karpov, Sergei Yurievich (St. Petersburg, RU) Ramm, Mark Spiridonovich (St Petersburg, RU) Temkin, Leonid Iosifovich (St. Petersburg, RU) [19 APR 2007]
7.Process for welding of noble metal foil
Author(s): Takayasu, Kiyosumi (Published On: 09/22/1981) [19 APR 2007]
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