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Vchlorin Inc
Contact: MPV. Jeyakumar
Vchlorin, offers the best solution for disinfection of water through Electro chlorination. Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong oxidizing agent, is produced by the process of electrolysis of salt water. Electrochlorinator is used as an alternative to chlorine gas for disinfection of Domestic Water Suppl...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd
Contact: MPV. Jeyakumar
We do design, manufacturing / fabrication, supply and erection of Chemical process equipments out of TITANIUM, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM, ZIRCONIUM, NICKEL, HASTELLOY, MONEL, INCONEL, X-750, PLATINUM, RUTHENIUM, IRIDIUM, and PALLADIUM. Our equipment mix includes, Platinised anodes, DSA / MMO Anodes and Cath...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Alfa Aesar
Our product line consists of a comprehensive range of inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds; pure metals and elements; precious metal compounds and catalysts; rare earths; analytical products; and select laboratory equipment. Backed by the global manufacturing network of Johnson Matthey an...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Titanium Industries, Inc
Contact: James S. Paddock
Titanium Industries, Inc....provider of the most complete supply of Titanium Mill Products
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corp.
Producers & Distributors of Precious Metals and Precious Metal salts (Gold, Iridium, Palladium, Platinum & Silver), compounds and solutions / Fine Inorganic Chemicals / Rare Earth's & Silver Algaedyn, the original silver algaecide.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Zinifex Ltd
Mines Zinifex owns and operates two mines in Australia: the Century open-pit zinc mine in north-west Queensland and an underground zinc-lead-silver mine Rosebery in Tasmania. The annual capacity for the two mines is 5 million tonnes of ore yielding 888,000 tonnes of zinc concentrate and about 100...
Country: AUSTRALIA[My Titanic Page]
Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Imp. & Exp. Co
Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Import and Export Co. is the international trade organization fully authorized by Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corporation Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the business of the series of “Diamond” Brand cemented carbide known as China’s renowned trademark, tungsten and mo...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Zcc Europe Gmbh
ZCC Europe GmbH is the international trade organization fully authorized by Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corporation Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the business of the series of “Diamond” Brand cemented carbide known as China’s renowned trademark, tungsten and molybdenum, tantalum and niobium and co...
Country: GERMANY[My Titanic Page]
Belmont Metals Inc
We manufacture the nation's largest variety of non ferrous metals and alloys
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Wah Chang
In 1916, mining engineer K.C. Li founded a trading company for the refinement and export or tungsten and antimony ores from his native China. Li called his new company Wah Chang, meaning "great development" - and over the next several decades his company earned that name, pioneering the creation of ...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Allegheny Technologies Incorporated
Allegheny Ludlum Corporation is a world leader in the technology, production and marketing of specialty materials - stainless steels, silicon electrical steels, tool steels, titanium, nickel alloys, as well as other advanced alloys. Allegheny Ludlum serves customers in diversified consumer and capit...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
H.C. Starck Ltd
H.C. Starck is an international group of companies with more than 3,400 employees at 15 production sites in Europe, North America and the Far East. H.C. Starck produces an assortment of refractory metal powders that is unique the world over, including tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rheniu...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Vishay Sprague
Vishay was founded in 1962 to manufacture and market foil resistors, an invention of physicist Dr. Felix Zandman, Chairman of the Board and founder. The Company began operations with foil resistors and strain gages as its initial product offerings. In 1985, having grown from a start-up into the worl...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Kishore Industries
Titanium, nickel, Monel, Hastelloy
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
International Molybdenum Association
The International Molybdenum Association ( IMOA ) was founded in 1989 under Belgian law as an association with scientific purposes. General Aims and Activities Promoting molybdenum - as a material with superior properties and performance in a wide variety of metallurgical, chemical and other ...
Country: BELGIUM[My Titanic Page]
L.L.S. Lavorazioni Leghe Speciali
La LLS è un'azienda nata nel 1990 che produce prevalentemente viti in titanio. Viti, dadi ed altre minuterie vengono realizzati non solo in titanio puro e leghe, ma anche in leghe di alluminio ad alta resistenza, acciai speciali e carbonio. La LLS effettua stampaggio a caldo e a freddo su pezzi di t...
Country: ITALY[My Titanic Page]
Titalia S.R.L.
Titanium Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, Gr7/12 Forged: tube plates, rings, flanges, shafts, hollow bars, parts to design Long products: round bars, welding wire, welded pipes Products production plates titanium Plates, coils, strips, sheets, cutting to measure - Various quantities
Country: ITALY[My Titanic Page]
Officine Orsi S.P.A.
Manufacturer of St. steel, nickel alloys, titanium Welded pipes, pipe fittings, boilers Bends - Reducers - End plates - Tees Stub-ends - Collars - Flanges Pre-fabrications - Sheet metal Reactors - Tanks - Heat exchangers
Country: ITALY[My Titanic Page]
Cometec Gmbh
Manufacturer of Equipment, heat exchangers & semifinished products of tantalum & niobium for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Country: GERMANY[My Titanic Page]
European Titanium Services - S.A.R.L
Since its start up in 1993, European Titanium Services has been in the business of stocking and distributing Titanium in all its forms. Our company is completely independent, offering a wide range of products and supporting this with the 30 years of technical and commercial experience of its foun...
Country: FRANCE[My Titanic Page]
Special Materials Services Srl
The Special Metals Corporation group of companies was created in the latter part of 1998 when Special Metals Corporation of New Hartford, New York, acquired Inco Alloys International, including its Huntington Alloys and Wiggin Alloys divisions. With a history of alloy technology now going back some ...
Country: ITALY[My Titanic Page]
Commerce Resources Corp
TANTALUM AND NIOBIUM PROJECTS. FIR AND VERITY PROJECTS. Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
A&r Merchants
Tantalum, Niobium
Fiko Llc
FIKO is a private industrial company owning titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, producing titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire. Our group is represented in the world titanium market for about 13 years. FIKO is a member of In...
Country: UKRAINE[My Titanic Page]
Metalagrotrade Ltd
Ukrainian private company Metalagrotrade Ltd has been working in Ukrainian and European market since 1998 selling titanium rolling mills products ( plates, sheets, bars, tubes, wire). Our prices are compatible. In the case of your interest, please, feel free to contact us.
Country: UKRAINE[My Titanic Page]
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