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Commerce Resources Corp
TANTALUM AND NIOBIUM PROJECTS. FIR AND VERITY PROJECTS. Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Iamg Office Information
The mission of the IAMG is to promote, worldwide, the advancement of mathematics, statistics and informatics in the Geosciences
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Cambior Inc
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Tiomin Resources, Inc.
Tiomin has entered an exciting new chapter that will imprint its Kenyan mineral sands projects among the world's quality feedstock producers for the coming decades. Focused on the development of the first of these coastal deposits, Tiomin's flagship Kwale project is set to become a significant globa...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Arnell Workshop Inc
We have been working with titanium for many years now. During this time, we have had the pleasure of working with the most delicate of pieces, using the strongest grades of titanium available. In fact, we are the first to make use of the ultra strong aircraft titanium alloys 6Al-4V and 6Al6V2Sn ...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Mch Nano Solutions
MCH NANO SOLUTIONS is a Canadian company focusing its efforts in utilizing top patented nanotechnology products for our ever-changing planet, making the world a better, healthier and safer place to live. Strategy In order to make the optimum use of the emerging opportunities in the nano-science ...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Diversified Ulbrich Du Canada
Contact: Mike Goodall
Diversified Ulbrich of Canada is a service center specializing in high quality stainless steel in its various product forms, grades, and finishes. Serving the Canadian market since 1971, we supply sheet, plate, bar, and tube from two well-stocked service centers in Canada's major industrial cent...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Chromatographic Specialties
Contact: Michael McKend
Our mission is to continuously strive to be the best chromatography supplier in Canada... in products, in technology and in the way we treat our customers
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Diagnostix, Ltd. is focused on developing integrated solutions that enhance workflow and ensure accuracy of diagnostic testing in labs and clinics. We offer our customers innovative products & systems combined with professional service & support to: - Improve patient diagnosis & treatment - P...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Alloytic Co Ltd
ALLOYTIC Company Limited is a Korean venture company , verified by Korean Government Authority of Small Medium Business Administration, manufacturing of steel and alloy bonded carbide "Alloy-TiC " products as a result of years of cumulated R & D investment and technology development. The core produc...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
C.G. Metals, Inc.
Contact: C.G. Metals
Distributor of pipe, tubing, fittings, flanges, forgings, large O.D. heavy wall pipe, PSQ bar products, round bar, sheet & plate. Alloys include carbon stainless, monel, nickel, inconel, hastelloy...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Rockwell Collins Electromechanical Systems
Contact: Tom Kymn
Worldwide manufacturer of pipes including seamless titanium, nickel & nickel alloy & steel pipes. Specializes in large diameter thin wall pipe & tube. Dimensions of seamless pipes include lengths...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Beartech Alloys, Llc
Contact: Beartech
Manufacturer & distributor of stainless steel, nickel, titanium, welding rod, plate, shaft, forgings, sheet, castings, flanges, fittings, bronze & copper alloys used to make bar, tube & pipe. Serving...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Machinery Inc. Incorporated
Machinery Inc. has over 30 years experience in heavy duty machining and fabrication with the biggest corporation in the industry as customers. This fact explained the origin of our experience in the Metalworking Machine Tools. MI specializes in buying and selling top quality large capacity Horizonta...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Electroless Nickel Technologies Inc.
Electroless nickel plating (tanks OD 62" x 48"). Post-heat treatment available. Anodizing: clear, black, hard (tank 30" x 24" x 30"). Black oxide (24" x 24" x 30").
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Contact: Dino Deligiannis
Intlvac manufactures a wide range of systems for Physical Vapor Deposition using a variety of techniques. Intlvac also manufactures Ion Beam Etch systems suitable for etching large areas. Highly uniform etches can be performed on wafer sizes up to 200mm. Our in-house development lab can develop ...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
California Cast Metals Association
specializes in the buying, selling, and processing of aluminum, brass, steel, stainless, nickel base alloys, nickel cobalts, and titanium. In addition, we also convert, toll and exchange customers aluminum dross, flashings, spills, and grindings into sows. We are d...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Anachemia Canada Inc.
Anachemia Science/Mines Assay Supplies is proud to: · Be Canada's largest independent laboratory supply house · Be Canada's largest reagent chemical manufacturer · Have over 60 years of history as a supplier to the Canadian laboratory market · Be a world-wide supplier of mining, ...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Quad Engineering Inc
Quad can help you overcome the obstacles between you and market leadership. We don't force you to adapt your operations to standard products. We work with you to create a solution that is exactly in-tune with your business and production objectives, whether we're providing a baghouse or a millstand,...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Ellett Industries, Ltd.
Design and fabrication of process equipment. Heat exchangers, reactors, evaporators, columns, pressure vessels, and pipe spooling. Ellett specializes in fabrications using super SS, titanium, zirconium, and high-nickel alloys ASME "U", "S","PP", and "R". SQL for China
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Carbide Ca
Your one-stop nuclear/commercial shop, Energy and Process provides unmatched service throughout the globe providing bars, fasteners, shapes, plate and shapes, fabrication, machining OEM replacement parts.
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Innovative Steam Technologies
Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) designs and manufactures once-through heat recovery steam generators (OTSGs) for the international power and process industries. IST is ASME S, U, and PP registered along with CWB, PED, and ISO9001 certification. Capabilities include fabrication of steam generator...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Deloro Stellite, Inc.
Deloro Stellite is a global provider of wear-resistant, alloy-based materials and components. We deliver advanced wear protection for demanding environments in which heat, corrosion and abrasion limit product life.
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
West Coast Corrosion Prevention, Ltd.
Incorporated in 1987 and acquired by Corrosion Service in 1998, WCCPL offers technical services for the design, supply, and maintenance of electrochemical corrosion control systems.
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Western Instruments, Inc.
Western manufactures the most complete product line of pit gauges, ranging from our New TriGauge to our Dial Indicator Pit Gauges. The company also manufactures the W-Series product line of portable magnetic particle testing equipment. In Western Canada, we also distribute NDT/NDE equipment and supp...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
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