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H.C. Starck Ltd
H.C. Starck is an international group of companies with more than 3,400 employees at 15 production sites in Europe, North America and the Far East. H.C. Starck produces an assortment of refractory metal powders that is unique the world over, including tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rheniu...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Sanyo Electric
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Nichicon Corp
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co Ltd
ta processing
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Sun Wing Technology Co
Sun Wing Technology Company supplies various products for electroplating including precious plating solution, chemical reagent, anode, plating resist, heater, laboratory equipment, etc. Apart from supplying high quality product, we have professional technical expertise with immense experience in ele...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Advanced Material Japan Corp. (formerly Chori)
Tantalum & Niobium trading and supply
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Hi & M Corporation
The founder of the company, Hideshi Murakami, has been engaged in the recycling of tantalum for more than 30 years. He has always considered customer satisfaction as the highest priority. Although, at present, the company's operations are not on a very large scale, a great deal of effort is put into...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Asia Zirconium Company Limited
Asia Zirconium Limited (¡°AZL¡±), incorporated in Cayman Islands. It is a transnational enterprise headquartered in HongKong and was listed on main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Code: 0395) since 2002.It is the first and the only listed company in Asia which specialized in the ma...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Metal Do Co. Ltd. (formerly Osaka Trading)
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Yel Electronics Ltd.
YEL is one of the most respected electronic components distributor in Asia Pacific
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Nec Tokin
Capacitor manufacture
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Horie Titanium Factory
Contact: Takuji Horie
Since our establishment, HORIE has continued our effort on reserch & Development and Improvement of technology as the comapany of R & D. HORIE has met with titanium at 1988, when we groped to find our capability on many kind of metals. We felt some destiny with titanium metal and started...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Goso Inter-continental Co., Ltd.
Contact: Sudo Michiaki
1. We are a specialize trading company dealing in a range of Non Ferrous-Metals with special experience in the supply of Titanium Sponge even under tight Constricted market availability. In today market Titanium Sponge is in limited supply throughout the world. Goso Inter-Continental has a strong ...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
T. R. Net Co. Limited
Contact: George Tanaka
T. R. Net Co. Limited is one of the leading manufacturer of Ferrous, Non Ferrous & Metal Scrap. Since 1969, the nameT. R. Net Co. Limited has been a world-class company, we believe that customer satisfaction, competitive prices and high quality are the most important principles in determining our su...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Alfa Aesar, Johnson Matthey Japan Incorporated
Since 1963, scientists have relied on Alfa Aesar to supply high purity raw materials for a variety of research and development applications. Today, we are a recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of fine chemicals, metals and materials in sizes from gram-scale catalog items to semi-bulk and...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kosemura, Mr. Susumu
Toho Titanium Company, Ltd. manufactures titanium metals such as premium quality titanium sponge for aerospace and other applications, titanium ingot (CP and Alloy), high purity titanium ingot/billet for semiconductor industry and electronic materials in
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Niki Glass Company Limited
Goodfellow offers two distinct services to meet the requirements of our customers: The first meets the needs of our customers who need small quantities of products from our standard range of materials within 24-48 hours. The second service is for those who require larger quantities or further pr...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Vacuumschmelze Sales Office Japan
VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products. In 1914, the first vacuum melting furnace laid the foundation for today's VACUUMSCHMELZE. Then in 1923, melting alloys in a vacuum went into production on an industrial scale. This i...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact: Masa Yokoi
Angstrom Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1988 by its president, Mark Bernick, to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for the plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. Thanks to the superior performance of our patented profiled magnets and water-cooling technology, market a...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Cabot Specialty Chemicals Inc.
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Key To Metals Japan
Key to Nonferrous is the world's most comprehensive database of nonferrous metals properties: aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium, tin, zinc, lead, nickel, and more. Discover benefits of powerful Key to Nonferrous search engine and carefully collected data and knowledge on nonferrous materials...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Technic Japan, Inc.
Technic Inc. is the world largest single source supplier of plating equipment and proprietary chemical processes for semiconductor industry. Expertise in both plating equipment design and chemical process development combine to create the ultimate in production procss capability. Beginning with t...
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Morimura Bros., Inc
Valtimet is a leading producer of titanium and stainless steel welded tubing for power generation, desalination, and chemical process heat transfer equipment throughout the world.
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Nkk Corp.
A leading company that produces clad, stainless titanium, and carbon steel plate. After merging with Kawasaki it will become JFE Steel.
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Associated Coating Inspectors
Coating inspection, inspection training, specification writing, overseas technology, and products transfer to the Japanese market; translation work.
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
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CANADA  (203)
ITALY  (73)
JAPAN  (60)
FRANCE  (57)
TAIWAN  (54)
BRAZIL  (38)
ISRAEL  (36)

Top 20 Business Deals With
CHINA  (60)
INDIA  (60)
JAPAN  (60)
USA  (60)
CANADA  (59)
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MACAO  (1)

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