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Wilgro Pte Ltd
Established in 1972, Wilgro Services is one of the greater Delaware Valley’s leaders in HVAC systems and service. We are a company that is dedicated to our customers’ comfort and productivity. We provide quality service at competitive prices. With headquarters located in Delaware County, Pennsyl...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Vacuumschmelze Sales Office Singapore
VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products. In 1914, the first vacuum melting furnace laid the foundation for today's VACUUMSCHMELZE. Then in 1923, melting alloys in a vacuum went into production on an industrial scale. This i...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited
Contact: Justin Kow
Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited, a technical Sales and Service organisation serving the Semiconductor, Photronics and Optoelectronics Industry in the Pacific region, was founded in 1985 in Hong Kong. To enhance our operations in the Far East, we established branch offices in Taiwan and Singa...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Linkers (far East) Pte. Ltd.
Contact: Amitabh Agarwal
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Omb (valves) Asia Pte Ltd - South East Asia
Forged steel gate, globe and check to ISO 1571, API602, BS5352, ANSI, DIN and JIS standards, from 1/4" to 4" Forged and Cast steel bellows seal valves from 1/2" to 16" Forged steel valves service cryogenic from 1/2" to 2" Forged steel valves special design Angle, Jacketed, Electric or Pneumati...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Halim Industrial (s) Pte Ltd
Contact: William Chong
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Tee Hai Chem Pte Ltd.
Throughout our history, Tee Hai has worked hard to earn the trust, confidence, and loyalty of our clients. We have done this by providing them with expertise and innovation, exceptional service standards, and built an outstanding track record of excellence, quality and reliability. Some of the key a...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Technic Asia-pacific Pte Ltd
TECHNIC Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd in Singapore is the regional headquarter of TECHNIC Asia Pacific group. It was established in 1988 to provide the most comprehensive service capability for chemicals, spare parts, engineering and technical support to customers in the Asia Pacific Region. It is a supplier...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Philip Cornes Sea Pte Ltd.
Contact: Jon Richards
TW Metals is a dynamic, growth-oriented company that continues to provide exceptional value to our customers, employees and stakeholders. We have taken the best of our heritage, strength and success and redefined our company to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. After 100...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Nic Components Asia Pte Ltd
NIC Components Corp. in partnership with Nippon Industries Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and designing passive components for over thirty years [Products]. By integrating design, raw materials and production expertise, NIC has established itself as a leader in passive component technology. From a...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Rolled Alloys International Ltd.
Rolled Alloys was founded on the introduction of wrought RA330 alloy as a replacement for cast HT alloy in the commercial heat treat industry. Since this introduction in 1953, the company has enjoyed continuous growth through the expansion of alloys offered, markets served, customer base, geographic...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Tri-star Industries Pte, Ltd.
Provide full cathodic protection systems and services worldwide. Manufacture sacrificial anodes. Coat PTFE/cadmium on steel parts such as fasteners and flanges.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Setsco Services Pte, Ltd
Contact: Dixon Ng
Setsco is a testing, inspection, and analysis laboratory in various areas such as corrosion and failure analysis in mechanical, biological, and chemical environments.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Metrotect (s.E.A.) Pte, Ltd.
Contact: Charlie Forecast
The Reilly Pipeline Coatings Group is a manufacturer and supplier of coal tar enamel anti-corrosion coatings and other pipe coating materials.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Lesoon Equipment Pte, Ltd
Contact: K.H. Leow
We are the leading specialized supplier of surface preparation and finishing systems (blasting and painting equipment) in Singapore, with a distribution network throughout the Asian regions.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Bedec Euroform Pte, Ltd.
System corrosion protection. Cathodic protection systems. Design, supply, survey, install, test, commission, maintenance, and consultancy works.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
International Refinery Services Pte, Ltd
Contact: Doug Pauling
IRS provide specialized inspection techniques, risk-based and quantitative integrity assessments, engineering solutions, and asset management services to the petrochemical and associated industries.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Imperial Technology And Services
Provide training courses and seminars on materials, metallurgy, corrosion and its control, including process plant inspection. Provide consultant services on risk assessment, condition assessment, and monitoring. Provides services on materials, corrosion, and welding failure analysis. Provides consu...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Greenscience Technologies (singapore) Pte, Ltd.
Contact: Jennifer Sng
GreenScience Global Solutions is an international, multi-disciplinary asset integrity management solutions provider specializing in pipelines, storage tanks, marine facilities, power plants, petrochemical complexes, and transportation infrastructures.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Corrpro Asia Pte, Ltd.
Contact: Edgar Lewis
Corrpro Asia Pte, Ltd. provides corrosion control and monitoring products, systems, and services throughout Asia.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Corrosion Management, Ltd.
Contact: Ron Lewis
Marine structures, tubular steel pipe piles, splash zone corrosion protection, ultra high-performance linings and coatings, concrete/steel underwater composites, and concrete waterproofing.
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Proceq Asia
Proceq SA is committed to drawing on its extensive experience in the Metals, Paper, Film, Concrete and Construction industries to provide our customers with innovative products and solutions to meet their needs. In order to meet this commitment, Proceq SA focuses on the development and implementatio...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Robbins And Myers Pte Ltd
Contact: Eric Neo
Pfaudler Balfour’s cross-functional team of professional engineers can be engaged in either a technical consultancy capacity or to ease the fluctuating demands placed on the customer’s own internal resource pool. Expert knowledge of our extensive product line covering the vast majority of unit opera...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Tritech Scientific Pte Ltd,
ACM Instruments are a member of the EEC Research Group for electroplating. We are actively involved with research into electroplating of Nickel and the resultant tribology studies. Using this experience we have added software to our instruments that makes fundamental and applied research into platin...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
Williams Advanced Materials Far East Pte Ltd
Our product line includes a wide variety of metals, alloys, intermetallics, rare earths, oxides, refractory compounds, salts, phosphides, nitrides, sulfides, tellurides, selenides, high purity materials...
Country: SINGAPORE[My Titanic Page]
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