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President Company, Ltd.
Contact: Y. C. Guo
President Company, Ltd. was founded in 1969. At the outset, we had been aimed at the supply of raw materials for investment casting, refractory, and foundry industries in Taiwan and Southern East Asia countries. After 25 years of development, we commenced the titanium material business in 1990. Our ...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Jaeger Industrial Co Ltd
Contact: Hardy Huang
Jaeger industrial company ltd was established in 1982 in Taiwan. Jaeger is the first leading supplier of linear actuators in Asia pacific region, specializing in OEM/ODM of motorized equipment in function for satellite TV reception, gate opening devices and healthcare products. With our special exce...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Jia Jang Industry Co Ltd
Jia Jang Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in processing various precise parts of Stainless steel and Titanium Alloy, especially in Japan NOMURA precise computerize CNC multi-function Lathe since 1971. Our main processing products are specific screws, mahine parts, mecdical appliances, electronic p...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Copower Industrial Corp. Limited
Contact: Ms. Wu
CoPower Industrial Corp. was established in July of 1981. Being in OEM service for more than 20 years, CoPower is with well engineered capability, specialized in processing of Machining, Casting, Forging, P/M, Die Casting, Stamping and Plastic Injection.Also CoPower has long history and good experie...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Corremax International Co., Ltd.
Contact: Eric Chung
Angstrom Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1988 by its president, Mark Bernick, to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for the plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. Thanks to the superior performance of our patented profiled magnets and water-cooling technology, market a...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Twin Star Chungtai Trading Co., Ltd. (sb)
Contact: Angela Wu
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Jungteshe Taiwan Co. Ltd./shye Lih Industrial Co.,
Contact: Kio Huang
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
The Far Eastern Trading Co Ltd
Contact: Marie Hsieh
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Gredmann (taiwan) Co.,ltd
supply electro-ceramic relevant materials ex: BaCO3, TiO2, SnO2, Bi2O3 & rare earth oxides used for making Multilayer Ceramic capacitor powder. ZnO, CoO, Bi2O3, Sb2O3, TiO2, NiO, Mn3O4, dispersing agent and binder used for making ZnO varistor. Zirconium Oxide, Titanium Oxide and additives u...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Uwa Electronics Co., Ltd.
Urban Wallace Associates is a marketing and management consulting firm. We help companies build new businesses and strengthen existing ones. We serve clients in the areas of new product and new service development, sales support, brand management, market segmentation, customer satisfaction and busin...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Auto Turning Technology Co. Ltd
Auto Turning Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1985, major in all kinds of turning parts & components manufacture. Products range include medical, moto, electronics, aerospace, automotive, optical, consumer...etc. Auto Turning Technology have 76 professional CNC lathe equipments (like CITIZEN,...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Technic Taiwan Co. Ltd
Technic's Inc. Technic Inc. is the world largest single source supplier of plating equipment and proprietary chemical processes for semiconductor industry. Expertise in both plating equipment design and chemical process development combine to create the ultimate in production procss capability.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Transcrystal Alloy Industrial Corp.
Ni alloy valves, ball, gate, globe, check, bottom from 150# to 1500#, 1/2 in. to 24 in. Mechanical parts according to customer's drawing.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Zimmite Taiwan, Ltd.
Contact: David Tsai
Zimmite Taiwan, Ltd. engages in selling cooling water treatment chemicals, boiler water chemicals, and specialty chemicals for oil refinery and petrochemical processing.
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Atlas Equipment Corporation
ACM Instruments are a member of the EEC Research Group for electroplating. We are actively involved with research into electroplating of Nickel and the resultant tribology studies. Using this experience we have added software to our instruments that makes fundamental and applied research into platin...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Dupont Taiwan Limited
DuPont Titanium Technologies is dedicated to creating greater, more rewarding value for the coatings, paper, plastics, specialties and minerals markets through service, brand, and product. Our goal is to provide broader solutions that stretch beyond titanium dioxide and minerals technology, reac...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Durawell Co Ltd
Watson-Marlow leads the world in peristaltic pumps. Now we are showing the way in tube manufacture. PumpsilĀ®, our own platinum-cured silicone tubing, gives you the optimal performance from your application. We produce it to the highest standards in a clean-room plant where quality control comes firs...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Samwell Testing, Inc.
Contact: Michael Ho
Thermo Electron Corporation's NITON Analyzers are internationally recognized as the world's leading portable non-destructive elemental analysis instruments. With the pull of a trigger, the NITON analyzer provides positive grade identification and composition analysis of titanium alloys, stainless st...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
S-tech Corp.
S-Tech was established in May 2002. It was beginning from the research team of Gloria Material Technology Corporation excuse the plan, the project of commercial Titanium, which was acquired by the Industrial Development bureau from 1997 to 1998. At the meantime, the main products of S-Tech were ...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Kennametal Hardpoint (taiwan) Inc.
Materials: Iron, carbon steels, copper steels, nickel steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, magnetic alloys, copper infiltrated steels, copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, titanium, aluminum alloys. Types of Parts: Spur gears, helical gears, sprockets, cams, multiple level structural parts ...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
C.S.G. (taiwan) Ltd.
Contact: Ming Jer Kao
Our well experienced and qualified engineers are always ready to offer the best services for corrosion suppression and fouling control for various commercial / navy ships, offshore and costal installations as follows ; - Engineering and Designing for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System, A...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Starwood Corporation
As part of Siemens Corp, our designs and manufactures a broad range of water and wastewater treatment systems. We offer the most comprehensive line of disinfection/chlorination equipment available, as well as analytical instrumentation and controls, chemical-metering pumps, dry feeders, flowmeters a...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Hwa Semg Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Lai Hsu Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Contact: R.C. LEE
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Summit-tech Resource Corp.,
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
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