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Tantalite Resources (pty)
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Abs Industrial Sa
Contact: Mark Ridgeway
ABS Industrial SA was established in 1996 to initially service the southern African steel, foundry, chemical and allied industries. Over the past few years we have expanded into cross border trade in metals and minerals with other sub-saharan countries. These are subsequently supplied to our relevan...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Chemiphos S.A Pty Ltd
the german multinational hoechst ag constructed it's only manufacturing facilities for polyphosphoric acid in south africa.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Highland African Mining Co Ltd
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Industrial Analytical (pty) Ltd.
Since 1963, scientists have relied on Alfa Aesar to supply high purity raw materials for a variety of research and development applications. Today, we are a recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of fine chemicals, metals and materials in sizes from gram-scale catalog items to semi-bulk and...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Titanium International Fabricators (pty) Limited
Contact: Ray Ferguson
Stockists of Titanium, Zirconium & Tantalum. Specialized fabricators and maching of Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum and Nickel Alloys.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Scientific Supply Services Cc
Scientific Supply Services is a highly specialised company dedicated to offering superior support in niche markets in Chromatography and related disciplines. We do not collect agencies but try to the best of our ability to do justice to our loyal principals. We are situated in Johannesb...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Clariant Southern Africa (pty.) Ltd
Contact: Mayendran Pillay
As a world leader in fine particle technology, Cabot's products (listed below, left) are found in diverse markets (listed below, right). To browse this area of our site, simply choose our product or your market. Once your selection is made, the content will be filtered to your specification.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Stefan Machining (pty) Ltd
Stefan Machining (Pty) Ltd. is an innovative organisation providing its customers with cost effective, high quality total manufacturing solutions. Founded in 1999 by the two brothers Liebenberg, company director Stefan Liebenberg capitalised on his reputation as an excellent artisan to create a com...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Titanium Electrode Products Pty. Ltd.
Specializing in the cost-effective supply and engineering of mixed metal oxide and platinized titanium anodes for the cathodic protection industry.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Cathtect Engineering (pty), Ltd.
Contact: David J. Raath
Cathodic protection engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Craig Stevenson & Associates Cc
Contact: Craig Stevenson
Consulting engineers specializing in corrosion, corrosion protection, and cathodic protection in the reinforced concrete, pipeline, and process industries.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Sasol Carbo-tar
Contact: Reenen Pretorius
Carbo Tar produces and markets value-added carbon products. Our carbon products are extensively used in earthing, AC mitigation, and impressed current corrosion systems.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Disa Anodes
Contact: Eduardo Peralta
Manufacturers of zinc and magnesium ribbon, magnesium rod, magnesium pipeline anodes, mixed metal oxide anodes, reference electrodes, cable, splicing kits, and exothermic weld metal.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Corrosion Control Centre International Cc
Contact: C.H. Havemann
Coatings, corrosion, metallurgical, and third-party inspection services. Barrier coats for stainless steel. Rust converter system for corrosion under insulation.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Corrolec Cc
Contact: Neil C. Webb
Corrosion and metallurgical services. Consulting corrosion engineers and project managers. Corrolec specializes in survey, evaluation, and rehabilitation of buried pipelines and aboveground storage tanks.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Contact: Rob White
Suppliers of laboratory and field corrosion-monitoring equipment. General corrosion inspection services.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Cathodic Internal Pipe Protection
Contact: Graham Davies
Complete turnkey cathodic protection systems for the inside of pipelines using impressed current.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Ardeer Engineering Ltd
Pfaudler Balfour’s cross-functional team of professional engineers can be engaged in either a technical consultancy capacity or to ease the fluctuating demands placed on the customer’s own internal resource pool. Expert knowledge of our extensive product line covering the vast majority of unit opera...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Outokumpu Technology (johannesburg)
Contact: Richard Atkinson
Outokumpu Technology is a leading global provider of process solutions, technologies and services for the mining and metals industries. We utilize our extensive experience and advanced process know-how by providing plants, equipment and services based mainly on our proprietary technologies. We work...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Transmare Trading
Contact: Henri van Oijen
Welcome to our website. You have searched the internet for titanium dioxide anatase, one of the products Transmare pays special attention to (read more). If you wish more information about this product by telephone, please call Mr. Henri van Oyen (+31 10 206 16 48). If you wish to use our e-mail...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Watson-marlow Bredel S.A. (pty) Ltd
Watson-Marlow leads the world in silicone and Bioprene TPE tubing specifically manufactured for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. We enjoy accelerating success because of our remarkable service, high quality, and precision tube tolerances. In our state-of-the-art cleanrooms we man...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Sandvik Mining And Construction Ghana Ltd., Accra
The Sandvik Group Sandvik is a high-technology, engineering group with advanced products and a world-leading position within selected areas. Worldwide business activities are conducted through representation in 130 countries. The Group has 42 000 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 72 b...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Tes-amm Johannesburg
Waste Management Licence
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
Kennametal South Africa Pty. Ltd.
Granular Powders: Crushed and sized sintered tungsten carbide, coarse macrocrystalline tungsten carbide, fine tungsten carbide, tungsten metal, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, tungsten carbide/titanium carbide, columbium carbide, and matrix powders for diamond tools. Tungsten carbide hardfacing ...
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
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