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Hengda Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1993, Shengli Abrasives Plant is a subsidiary of Hengda Electric Co., Ltd. We are a state-operated corporation specializing in the manufacturer of bonded and coated abrasive tools and abrasive materials. Through our other divisions, we also manufacturer single-phase and three-phase el...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Hifine Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Contact: Robin Shen
Hifine is a comprehensive trading company specializing in the import and export of all kinds of products. Employing over 40 highly skilled personnel, our annual revenues are now worth in excess of USD30,000,000. With two large offices and ten business departments, we have a strong capability for fil...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Copower Industrial Corp. Limited
Contact: Ms. Wu
CoPower Industrial Corp. was established in July of 1981. Being in OEM service for more than 20 years, CoPower is with well engineered capability, specialized in processing of Machining, Casting, Forging, P/M, Die Casting, Stamping and Plastic Injection.Also CoPower has long history and good experie...
Country: TAIWAN[My Titanic Page]
Machinery Inc. Incorporated
Machinery Inc. has over 30 years experience in heavy duty machining and fabrication with the biggest corporation in the industry as customers. This fact explained the origin of our experience in the Metalworking Machine Tools. MI specializes in buying and selling top quality large capacity Horizonta...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (india) Pvt. Ltd
More than 30 years of designing, manufacturing and servicing machines and systems has earned ELECTROPNEUMATICS a well-established name in the metal forming industry. There are currently more than 3000 installations in various countries worldwide. This itself is proof of our strong commitment to buil...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Marco Hydraulics Corporation
MARCO HYDRAULICS ' one of the leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders, Power Pack Units, Lifting Jacks, Hand Pumps, Etc., For Earth moving equipments, Steel mills, Plastic industry, and special purpose machine building industry. We manufacture Hydraulic Cylinder in Welded construction. Tie rod s...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Torchmate Cnc Cutting Systems
In early 1979, I read an article about pantograph flame cutting machines in an automotive magazine. The machines looked simple enough, and I wondered why so few small shops had such a useful piece of equipment. As it turned out, cost was the reason - the least expensive pantograph units on the mar...
Country: JORDAN[My Titanic Page]
Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd.
We are a limited liability company founded from the restructuring of the former China National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing. This restructuring was authorized by National Planning Committee in 1997, the official year we were established. We are the principal subsidiary of Huagong...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Ega Master Sa
Ega Master manufactures professional and industrial tools for the offshore sector. Ega Master offers the broadest tool range for engineering, mechanic, construction or electrical use; including striking tools, slogging spanners, pipe wrenches, threading equipment, pipe cutters, tubing cutters, pipe ...
Country: SPAIN[My Titanic Page]
Accu-cast, Inc.
We operate as a separate corporation and our plant is equipped with the most modern, state-of-the- art equipment and processing systems. We are staffed with personnel having the expertise and concern to assure you, our customer, of receiving high quality parts and timely deliveries. Some of the m...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Caltech Engineering Services
We provide a complete range of instruments for cathodic protection, paint testing, corrosion testing, NDT testing, corrosion-preventive equipment.
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Airtech Spray Systems, Inc
Contact: John Weems
AirTech specializes in equipment systems used for metering, mixing, pumping, spraying, and dispensing coatings.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Albuquerque Industrial
Supplier of coating inspection instruments to the Americas.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems
Corrosion-monitoring probes and instrumentation. High-pressure access systems including fittings, retrievers, and service valves. Test coupons, holders, racks, electrodes, and insertion systems
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Industrial Laboratory Testing & Inspection Servic
The core services TCR provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI), RoHS Compliance Testing, Non Destructive Testing, Metallography, Corrosion Testing, Failure Analysis, Raw Material Inspection, Metallurgical Product evaluation, Engineering Research,...
Country: KUWAIT[My Titanic Page]
Inner Mongolia Xl Abrasives Processing Co., Ltd.
XL Garnet—hardness, brown color suitable for sandblasting, waterjet cutting, and water filtration, etc.
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Kta-tator, Inc.
KTA stocks and sells a complete line of coatings inspection equipment and standards, as a distributor for leading manufacturers. Professional coatings and nondestructive testing
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Haimo Technologies, Inc.
We are an innovative multiphase flow meter producer in Lanzhou, China.
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc
Contact: Rick Corbett
Metallurgical and corrosion testing laboratory, failure analysis, medical implant assessment, electrochemical testing, HVAC, coinage, high-temperature degradation, nonmetallic evaluation, MIC, hydrometallurgy, cathodic protection, critical pitting temperature, and rouging.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Eclipse Scientific Products, Inc.
Providing services and products: ultrasonic inspection services for SCC sizing and corrosion mapping. Manufacturing numerous products including transducers, calibration blocks, scanning systems, and NDE software. Eclipse provides training for phased array UT - OmniScan, AUT, and other specialized ND...
Country: CANADA[My Titanic Page]
Ionbond Kunshan
The PVD market for cutting tools is rapidly maturing and is no longer only technology-driven. In a market-driven environment, to satisfy the different needs, Ionbond has taken an approach based on flexibility and the cost leadership principle, in order to provide the best price/performance/service r...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Verichek Technical Services, Inc. (vts)
General Information: Provides sales and service of optical emission spectrometers for metal identification and certification. Registered ISO/TEC 17025 1999 Standard accredited. Now supplying the fastest Titanium alloy sorting instrument in the market today. The Test Master Pro.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Fractum Gmbh
Contact: Thorkild Stokholm
fractum develop, produce and market the biggest impacter in the world named Stone and Steel Buster. A Stone and Steel Buster is the most powerful hammer world wide. The energy release by each stroke is 15 times bigger than the biggest traditional hydraulic hammer on the market. This makes the SS...
Country: SWITZERLAND[My Titanic Page]
Zhang Jiagang Baixiong Klimens Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact: Roy Fang
Zhang Jiagang Baixiong Klimens Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture which Baixiong Group of Jiangsu Province Level Group cooperates with Hong Kong Klimens Enterprise. We devote ourselves to the development, research and production of plastic machine and refrigeration industry. The main products ...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Wenzhou Huili Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact: Rhett White
¡¡Wenzhou Huili Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Wenzhou Huili Import & Export Co.,Ltd) is the enterprise which has high and new technology. We are engaged in developing and manfacturing for various of Packaging Machinery, Food Machinery, Drinking Machinery, Plastic Machinery and Pharmaceutical Machinery and so o...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
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