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Fiko Llc
FIKO is a private industrial company owning titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, producing titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire. Our group is represented in the world titanium market for about 13 years. FIKO is a member of In...
Country: UKRAINE[My Titanic Page]
Metalagrotrade Ltd
Ukrainian private company Metalagrotrade Ltd has been working in Ukrainian and European market since 1998 selling titanium rolling mills products ( plates, sheets, bars, tubes, wire). Our prices are compatible. In the case of your interest, please, feel free to contact us.
Country: UKRAINE[My Titanic Page]
American Elements
america's leading manufacturer of rare earth and advanced matreial products
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Rs Metals Gmbh A Subsidiary Of Abs Industrial Reso
Contact: Thomas Borchers
The company was acquired to develop the ABS Groups’ interests in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe to give our customer and supplier base in that region better access to the products and services we provide. RS Metals are now ideally located to facilitate a prompt and efficient service, hand...
Country: GERMANY[My Titanic Page]
Chemiphos S.A Pty Ltd
the german multinational hoechst ag constructed it's only manufacturing facilities for polyphosphoric acid in south africa.
Country: SOUTH AFRICA[My Titanic Page]
W.C. Heraeus Gmbh
Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company in the business segments of precious metals, dental health, sensors, quartz glass and specialty lighting sources. With revenues of more than EUR 9 billion and more than 10,600 employees in...
Country: GERMANY[My Titanic Page]
Fiko Ltd
Fiko Ltd, the owner of titanium mill, invites you for cooperation in 2007. We are ready to supply titanium materials to your respected company. We can offer: titanium ingots, slabs, bars, sheets, tubes and wire.
Country: UKRAINE[My Titanic Page]
Rhodum Limted
Rhodium Limited is a Solid Mineral specialist company, engaged in acquisition, exploration, Sourcing and redevelopment of mineral Ores & Rare Earth Metal producing properties, predominantly mining and supplying chemically certified Minerals for export purposes in Nigeria. Rhodium Limited was incor...
Country: NIGERIA[My Titanic Page]
Hyundai Titanium Co., Ltd
It is our great pleasure to introduce Hyundai Titanium Co., Ltd (HTC). Since its foundation in 1990 under the goal “to contribute its service to the industries requiring the corrosion-resistant materials", HTC has always been working for creating the valuables to our customers. As a result of eve...
Country: KOREA (NORTH)[My Titanic Page]
Howmet Ti-cast
The titanium ingot plant of Howmet Corp specializes in the manufacture of titanium ingots in both conventional and aluminide composition. The capabilities of this plant also include triple and double melt rotating ingot
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Medart, Inc.
Contact: Furwa, Mr. Dan
Specializing in engineering and manufacturing of titanium processing systems. Products include: bar turners, straighteners, drawbenches, material handling equipment, belt polishers, chamfering systems, and engineering services.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Grandis Titanium
Largest stock of Titanium materials on Internet. All materials are available for sale. Stock is updated on a weekly basis.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Andersen Technologies
Andersen Technologies are the major supplier of TITANIUM PRODUCTS and TITANIUM SCRAP. We supply the following Titanium Products: Titanium Ingots, Titanium slabs, Titanium Billets and Bars, Titanium Plates and Sheets, Titanium Wire, Ferro-Titanium, Titanium Sponge.
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Ati Allvac
Contact: Perryman, Mr. Chris
ATI Allvac is a leading producer of high-performance metals with seven manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe. We make nickel-, titanium-, cobalt-, and iron-base materials for aerospace, marine, oil and gas, chemical processing, biomedical, transportation, and nuclear applications....
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.
Contact: Kosemura, Mr. Susumu
Toho Titanium Company, Ltd. manufactures titanium metals such as premium quality titanium sponge for aerospace and other applications, titanium ingot (CP and Alloy), high purity titanium ingot/billet for semiconductor industry and electronic materials in
Country: JAPAN[My Titanic Page]
Thyssenkrupp Titanium
ThyssenKrupp Titanium has its roots in the aerospace industry. ThyssenKrupp titanium and its alloys have been an integral part of the success of the European Airbus for three decades. The European launch rocket Ariane, the television satellite TV-SAT, the Space Shuttle and Spacelab are well known ex...
Country: GERMANY[My Titanic Page]
Thyssenkrupp Titanium
ThyssenKrupp Titanium is a leading European producer of titanium and titanium-alloy products with more than 50 years experience in research, development and manufacture. The company is charged with the task of continuing their proud track record and high quality standards. ThyssenKrupp Titanium i...
Country: ITALY[My Titanic Page]
Supra Alloys Incorporated
Contact: Craig A. Schank
Supra Alloys Inc. is a metal service center specializing in titanium mill products for Aerospace, Medical, Industrial and Chemical industries. Our inventories include pure and alloy coil, foil, sheet, plate, bar, billet, pipe and tube. We add value to our product through In-house chemical milling, s...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Rti International Metals Inc.
Contact: John H.
RTI International Metals (NYSE: RTI) is one of the world’s largest producers of titanium. Through its various subsidiaries, RTI manufactures and distributes titanium and specialty metal mill products, extruded shapes, formed parts and engineered systems for aerospace, industrial, defense, energy, ch...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Baoji Titanium Fastener Inc
Baoji Titanium Fastener Inc is a leading titanium fastener and other custom titanium parts manufacturer and supplier. Our factory is located in Baoji city who earns its nickname of "China Titanium City" due to the fact that 80% of titanium supply in China comes from this city. Baoji Titanium Fast...
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Uniti Titanium Europe
Contact: Emmanuelle Col
Uniti Titanium brings together two major global titanium producers with complimentary manufacturing and technical capabilities, Allegheny Technologies Incorporation (ATI) of the United States, and VSMPO-Avisma (Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Ass
Country: FRANCE[My Titanic Page]
Continental Metals, Inc
Continental Metals Inc. has been specializing in producing and distributing Minor and Rare Earth Metals, Oxides, Ferro Alloys as well as developing Nano-materials. We also concentrate a considerable resource in purchasing scraps and concentrates of certain raw materials. Headquartered in Calif...
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Jinan Xinhaitong Special Alloy Co., Ltd.
Contact: Xuan Zhu
Jinan Xinhaitong Special Alloy Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of special alloy in China. XHT products comprise titanium master alloy,aluminum master alloy, vanadium master alloy, nickel master alloy,copper master alloy, and other special alloy.
Country: CHINA[My Titanic Page]
Zhejiang Ruipu Titanium Industry Co.,ltd
Contact: Mr. Alex Song
Zhejiang RuiPu Titanium Industry Co.,ltd is located in Jinhua,Zhejiangprovince.specialized in titanium products,nickel ,tungsten , molybdnum and metal anode. We can provide the best quality products of any specification for the users accordingtoASTMF136,F67(Lowclearance),ASTMB-265,AWS,MIL,AMS,JIS,D...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
An Allegheny Technologies Company
Contact: Thomas P. Deluca
ATI Allegheny Ludlum is a world leader in the production and marketing of sheet, plate, and strip specialty materials including stainless steel, nickel-base alloys, titanium, and titanium-base alloys. The company also produces super stainless steel, grain
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
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