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Vchlorin Inc
Contact: MPV. Jeyakumar
Vchlorin, offers the best solution for disinfection of water through Electro chlorination. Sodium Hypochlorite, a strong oxidizing agent, is produced by the process of electrolysis of salt water. Electrochlorinator is used as an alternative to chlorine gas for disinfection of Domestic Water Suppl...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Pelican Analytics
Analytical and Assay Services Laboratory Services Umpire Analysis Consultants, Precious Metal Analysis
Country: USA[My Titanic Page]
Precious Metal Samplers B.V.B.A.
Precious Metals Representation Services
Country: BELGIUM[My Titanic Page]
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Ravichandran. RM
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India is an Indian specialist in disinfecting water by electrolysis, has refining the available Electrocoagulation process (Dietrich, patented 1906) by their continuous R & D with unique TITANIUM NOBEL METAL ANODES & patented electrochemical processes, we produce the ne...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
Sharad Constructions
We, Sharad Constructions are a Project Construction Company. We have been working on such varied projects as Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Textile Machinery, Agrochemical, Petrochemical, Chemical, Process Plants, Fertilizers, Satellite Communication and Aircraft Hangers, Site Grading, Roads, Asphalti...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
M/s C. Lall
Throughout the industrial world millions of pounds are spent each year on welding fluxes which are used in various processes during the fabrication of steel structures. These fluxes are purchased either as separate entities for submerged-arc welding, strip cladding, and electro-slag welding, or in ...
Country: INDIA[My Titanic Page]
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