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Design manufacturing, testing and supply of mandrels for GRP pipe manufactures [INDIA] (09 NOV 2008)
[1] 09 NOV 2008
Fibtec, Chennai is a Unit of M/s. Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd ISO 9001-2000 company, design manufacturing, testing & supply of Mandrels for GRP pipe manufactures in the brand name of Tiaano. The Composite mandrel will have extended end shanks as per your “End Shank Details", suitable for loading in your filament winding machine. Suitable longitudinal and circular stiffeners will be provided at periodic intervals along the diameter and length of the mandrel. GRP Material of appropriate thickness will be built layer by layer by using CSM, WRM and Direct Rovings as a polyester resin composite. After curing, the FRP Layer will be machined with suitable taper and ground to polished finish. The mandrel will be 12.5 Mtr. long and capable of manufacturing FRP pipes confirming to BIS 14402 / BIS 12709 standards.
Jeyakumar  Velappan
Fib Tec - Chennai, INDIA
[2] 13 SEP 2010
When we pass mildly salted (3 to 4 gram per litter - which is 90% less salty than normal seawater) pool water through the electrolyzer, the salt is converted in to chlorine which disinfects it and kills any algae and bacteria. The water in the swimming pool becomes silky soft to the skin, no slat taste & kind to your hair. The process operates continuously whilst the filtration system is in action, cleansing the water thoroughly without the need for extra additives.

Shaila  Venkat
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd - Chennai, INDIA
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